Daniel Tink

Product Photography in Norfolk

For product photography, I use a large 80cm x 80cm photo tent which incorporates high quality, bright, built-in LED lights. This setup is perfect for photographing on-site and because it requires no external studio lighting, all I require is a table or floor space at least 1 metre square with a power supply close by. The Built in LED lighting has a high CRI rating of 82 for accurate colour reproduction. My tent allows for products of a dimension of up to 50cm on the longest side to be photographed. This large size allows me to photograph a huge array of different items, including but not limited to: Jewellery, Electronics, Books, Postcards, Cosmetics, Coins, Clothing and Footwear, Home Accessories and Ceramics. I am based in Norwich and serve Norfolk and surrounding counties in East Anglia.

Ceramics photography

All products will be photographed using a tripod to ensure sharp images are captured. This set-up also allows for quick and easy transfer of products between captures keeping the majority of images at the same level. Some products will require a slightly higher or lower photographing angle, depending on the type of product and position of features. I can photograph facing your product or from directly above - great for photographing items such as postcards and books.

I can photograph on-site at your location on a single day or spread over multiple days if you have a large collection. It is sensible to photograph your items in a particular order, of which I will require an email or printout providing details of each item's name. This allows me to filename your photos correctly, as I process them post photo-shoot. This is especially useful if you are passing them onto a third party, for example your website designer or marketing agency.

Post photo-shoot

After the photo-shoot, all of your photos will be individually checked and edited to my usual high standard, ensuring your product is correctly exposed and sharp, your backgrounds are perfectly white and any shadow is kept to a minimum.

Turnaround and delivery

Turnaround of your photos and delivery method will depend on the total number of photos and this will be detailed to you after your initial enquiry.

Costs and Enquiry

You will find details of my costs and an enquiry form on the right hand side of this page if you are using a desktop computer or at the bottom of this page if you are viewing on a mobile device.

Product photography examples

Cosmetic photography


Small product photography, showing multiple angles