Daniel Tink

Norfolk Property Photographer

A large proportion of my photography comes from property and architecture in Norwich and Norfolk. We are blessed with areas of outstanding natural beauty so it's no surpirse that Norfolk has a vast array of gorgeous cottages and holiday homes dotted along the Norfolk coast and the Norfolk Broads. These properties, along with Hotels, B&B's, guest houses and estate agents with property for sale can all benefit from professional photography to enhance the appeal of staying at that property or making a purchase.

Upon a property shoot booking, I take time to plan and prepare for my visit, including viewing any existing photography to make a mental note of the layout, detailed features and to see where improvements can be made. It is also often worth my while to view the property on Google Maps satellite or street view.

photography of a holiday cottage

Exterior photography

During the photo-shoot is where my experience and attention to every small detail comes into action. I will take great care to photograph the exterior of your property from every possible angle, ensuring walls are straight, in parallel with each other with minimal keystone effect, whilst maintaining a good composition. The keystone effect is a distracting form of image distortion where buildings appear to narrow towards the top. This can be minifield by my position and digital editing afterwards.

Given that your exterior photos are often what your customers will see first, it is important to give a good first impression and encourage them to look closer. Great photography can often be the key decision on a potential customer becoming a paying customer. If you have put hard work into making your property presentable it makes sense to show them in the best possible light on the websites and brochures that display them. You can rest assured that my photography will make your property shine. Many of my past clients have often commented on the bold and striking images I have photographed for them, full of colour and detail.

A house in Norfolk that has been professionally photographedPhotography from a Norfolk property

Key factors to consider for the exterior side of your photography are the time of year and position of the sun. It is vital to show off your cottage, house, grounds and gardens in the best possible light available, which generally means avoiding the winter months. Spring and summer are great times of the year to photograph your outdoor scenes, with delicate flowers bursting through spring time and lush greens and vibrant flowers in the summer.

vibrant garden flowers

Your outdoor photography should have a good mix of variation and include shots of the exterior of your property, the garden and grounds, any features such as summer houses plus a combination of all of these grouped together in wide angled shots. Close-up shots are also beneficial to capture the detail of your important garden features, such as flower beds, gazebos with climbing plants or hanging decorations - these all form a hugely important part of your property and it's appeal.

Profesional photography of a house and gardens in NorfolkPhotography from a property in the Norfolk Broads

Interior photography

As an interior photographer my aim is to capture warm, bright and welcoming images. I aim to present a collection of photos that grabs the viewers attention and shows in detail the quality of your property. My interior photography technique has been perfected over many years and uses no special lighting, just an eye for the right angles and the technical knowledge of how to put my camera to best use, without using any unnecessary specialised studio lighting equipment.

photo of a bedroom in NorwichBedroom photography from a Norwich home

My technique gives me great control over exposure and ensures that there are no overly bright areas or really dark corners - both typical flaws of using a standard digital camera or smartphone on automatic modes. This technique also allows me to show perfect outdoor detail through the windows, rather than over exposed (often just white or a glimpse of detail) as demonstrated in the kitchen photograph below. My photos will present your property not only in the best possible light but also in great detail, using a variation of wide angled shots and close-up photography.

interior photography of a kitchenInterior photography from a Norwich home

Interior photographer based in Norwich

interior photography

Norfolk farmhouseNorfolk property photography