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Commercial photography in Norwich and Norfolk

With 13 years of commercial photography experience and 5 Norfolk book publications to my name, you can be assured of a high quality service for all your business photographic needs. My photography is suitable for use on websites, marketing materials and publications.

All types of business photography covered

How professional photography benefits your business

One of the main uses of commercial photography is about enhancing the appeal of your business marketing to potential new customers by providing a visual aid. Words can only go so far and on their own do not always provide an interesting or enagaging read. Imagine you are looking to hire a picturesque cottage on the Norfolk coast, and you are browsing through a holiday company brochure – you’ll more than likely scan the cottage photographs rather than the text, because you are looking for something that appeals. Photos are also used with text to backup or provide evidence of what it is you are describing.

Businesses use professional photography everyday for their products and services. They are used both digitally and in print on adverts, press releases, brochures, merchandise, leaflets, guides, menus, business cards, websites and on social media.

Commercial Photographer

My commercial rates are highly competitive and based on both time spent on the photo shoot and post-shoot editing. If you have a budget, I am always willing to help work within that if possible, depending on the number of photographs you require and the subject matter.

Photo delivery will be by download or USB. All photographs will be exclusively yours to use as you wish with no restrictions or time limits, except for reselling. Copyright remains my own and may be used for my own marketing purposes.

If you’d like a quick chat or a quote for commercial photography for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You may call or message Daniel on 07930 238397, or email at